About Us

Our Mission

Any basketball program is only as strong as its philosophy and a staff to implement it.  Our goal has always been to be a teaching program in a fun, disciplined environment.  Our staff consists of coaches that volunteer to coach their traveling teams, and are paid a minimal fee to teach at the instructional and developmental programs.  Their rewards are a trip to the International Tournament each year and the joy of coaching the top basketball players for their size and age in all of the northern suburbs.  None of our coaches are fathers of the players, which makes the selection of players and playing time a decision of merit alone.

Highwood Small Fry has been a highly selective travel program since 1969.  In the past 18 years, the Heat has captured three Small Fry International Tournament Championships, two 2nd place finishes, three 3rd places finishes and most recently the 2013 Midwest Rookie Championship.

Highwood Small Fry Board of Directors

VInce Donofrio-President

Chris Dombrowski-Secretary and Treasurer
Verne Reich- Director of Varsity and Rookie Teams

Brandon Mixter-Assistant Tournament DIrector