2020 Highwood Small Fry Families:

Congratulations to all that have tried out and given their all out there on the courts. We are proud of each and every boy that participated in the clinics.

Without further ado

2020 Highwood Heat Varsity Team
Head Coach- Kevin Kaminsky
Asst Coach- Rob Nardini
Alexander, Will
Arenberg, Chase
Chernawsky, Ryan
Garland, Max
Gerber, Austin
Jarol, Syler
Kanter, Nate
Mintzer, Evan
Moschin, Simon
Nagler, Evan
Rubin, Blake
Shpritz, Ben
Simon, Matthew
Yoblon, Evan

2020 Highwood Jr Heat Rookie Team
Head Coach- Matt Merrigan
Baum, Zach
Berkowitz, Jake
Brok, Josh
Coleman, Jacob
Feinberg, Brady
Golding, Chase
Johnstone, Declan
Kanter, Gray
Lettvin, Luke
Nagler, Sammy
Pine, Brody
Rosenbloom, Cole
Saffro, Cameron
WInshall, Leo

We will also be sending out info about our Highwood Futures Program run by Coach Chap after the new year to all those not selected for our Rookie team or whom chose to not be considered for a team. We have truly enjoyed working with your son and would like to continue to do so.

We look forward to each and every player on the varsity, rookie, and Futures carrying the torch and representing Highwood Small Fry with great pride like those who have done so for the past 50 years!

Good luck to all this season. We can't wait to get started!

Kevin and the rest of the Highwood Coaches and Board


2019. NO Regrets



Over the past 5 seasons Highwood Small Fry has recaptured the respect and attention of all Small Fry Franchises both in the Midwest and internationally. With 3 Midwest Rookie Championships, a Varsity International Friendship Championship, and a 3rdPlace International Championship finish in the last 5 years Highwood has returned to the top of the Small Fry food chain.


The 2020 Highwood Small Fry Travel Basketball Season is just around the corner! The Highwood Small Fry program is entering its 51stseason as a basketball program!


Highwood Small Fry has lasted the test of time for various reasons.  We are not a team, we are a family. We pride ourselves on the same traditions and principles that have lasted the test of time.  The coaches have changed over the course of time but the same culture and dedication to all of the details have remained the same: DISCIPLINE, TEAM WORK, CHARACTER, PASSION, FUNDAMENTALS, FAMILY, CHARITY, AND HARD WORK.


The Highwood Small Fry program is for basketball players who are committed to giving their all every day on the court, in the classroom, and in the community.


The 2020 Small Fry Clinics also serve as the 2020 Highwood Small Fry Team Tryouts. Over the years we have noticed that kids do not always perform their best in just a 1 or 2 day condensed, high-pressure environment. Obviously, over the course of a game and season players are going to be inserted in high-pressure situations. However, the purpose of these clinics are focused primarily on skill work, basketball IQ/ understanding, and teaching kids how to push themselves beyond their comfort zone.


This year’s clinics will take place over 4 weeks and will be run twice a week for 8 total clinics/tryouts. We are completely aware of all of the boys other commitments, thus we have created enough opportunities to see each and every player. We do not take our decisions lightly and spend countless hours evaluating and coaching these boys.


In addition to the Highwood Small Fry Travel teams we have created the Highwood Futures program for boys that do not make a team. We are committed to each and every kid in our program and want to do all we can to continue to work with as many young basketball players as possible.


Highwood Small Fry will have ONE rookie team and ONE Varsity team along with our Futures Program. The season will start in mid January. The Rookie season and Futures program will end at the beginning of April and the Varsity season will conclude their season with the 52nd Annual International Small Fry Tournament at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on April 6-9th.


Rough Season Schedule:

Practices- Start the 2ndweek of January

Games- played on both weekend days starting the weekend of February 15th. 


Below is a list of dates for the Clinics/Tryouts.  Our clinics are NOT just for players hoping to be selected for one of our teams. We have many players that come to our clinics just for the skill work and coaching they receive without any intent on being considered for one of our teams. Players and families will be given the opportunity upon the end of the clinics to let us know whether or not to be considered for a team. 



432 Green Bay Rd. Highwood, IL


ROOKIES (players in 4thand 5thgrade)

Mondays 6:30- 7:45PM - Nov 18,  Dec 2, Dec 9, and Dec 16

Wednesdays 7:45- 9:00PM- Nov 20, Dec 4, Dec 11, and Dec 18


VARSITY (players in 6thand 7thgrade)

Mondays 7:45- 9:00PM- Nov 18, Dec 2, Dec 9, and Dec 16

Wednesday 6:30-7:45PM- Nov 20, Dec 4, Dec 11, Dec 18


Cost for all 8 clinics (12 total hours)- $220.00

Cost for individual clinics- $30.00 per session


To register your son please email Kevin Kaminsky at fsacoach.kevin@gmail.com

Payments will not be taken until the first night of the program and should be made out to HIGHWOOD SMALL FRY (This is not an FSA run program)


Once the clinics are done important info such as key/ mandatory dates and fees will be discussed. Highwood Small Fry is very lucky to have such an incredible Alumni base over 50 years and have developed an incredible Scholarship Fund. NO player will ever be excluded due to financial obligations.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at the above email address as well.


Thank you for the continued support,



Kevin Kaminsky and the Highwood Small Fry Board